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Nancy Boys

1/16/20232 min read

Our debut EP has received fantastic feedback so far. Of course, you may think, and we agree with you.

But we also get Homophobic and Frenchphobic (is that even a word?) comments.
Masculinists are uncomfortable with us. Good!

RPM review:
Woh! Nancy Boys are in the house and they’ve brought the glamour and feather boas and a trolly full of retro Rock n Roll n booze. Swinging their hips on ‘Bondage Love’ as they turn the clocks back to the 70s when Aerosmith could walk the walk and the Hollywood Brats were the cool kids. This four-track EP is so addictive with Rock n Roll, laid back and boogieing from their Paris HQ to the world this is superb.

They do a fine line in Dolls meets 70s Rockers with Riffs n cowbells n wooh hoos, its got plenty of swing and they can write banging tunes – which to be fair is all you need.
Get on it kids and tell em RPM sent you. If you’re not at least dancing like Jagger as the boys knock out ‘The Nancy Boys Are Coming’ then Rock n Roll might not be for you.
We need more bands like Nancy Boys they just get it and ooze grooves
Included in RPM's Singles Club selection (January)

VEGAM review:
NANCY BOYS introduce themselves as the offspring of The FRENCHIES so they have knocked at the right door. These cats started playing together in late 2019 but only introduce themselves now with four songs recorded live. “Nancies Are Comin’ To Town” is a ROSIE cover and the first thing that comes to mind is that it fits them like a satin glove. “Swap Club Stud” offers us some cool 70s influenced cowbell rock’n’roll that makes you think that they might be right when they mention The FRENCHIES. “Gimme Love” has a bit of an early AC/DC meets BAD LOSERS vibe and “Bondage Lovebrings us back to this moment in rock history when there was a fine line between hard rock and punk rock.
Call it glam rock’n’roll, hard rock’n’roll or punk rock’n’roll, it’s only rock’n’roll and we like it !
/Laurent C.

A swift double take ensured that this isn’t a comeback from those mid-’90s lipstick smeared, grunge affected pseudo glam-sters Nancy Boy that featured the son of one of The Monkees and Quireboys’ Nigel Mogg among others; but another retro influenced, Paris based set of glam stompers who have simply affixed a plural to their name to presumably avoid such a comparison!

This first offering kicks off with “Nancies Are Coming To Town” that revels in the rhyming couplet “Nancies are coming to town so come on get your knickers down” which immediately sets expectations to a less than moderate level. (...) “Swap Club Stud” (...) "has" a real stomping song potential (...)

(...) “Bondage Lovehas guitarist Fred “Poster” Boy in full on Johnny Thunders mode, whilst the rhythm section of Lionel “Pretty” Boy on bass and Nick “Golden” Boy on drums acquit themselves in the same ramshackle fashion.

It is fun, (...). The lyrics are of course firmly tongue-in-cheek and Matt “Naughty” Boy is well suited to frontman duties,(...)

A few years ago, the likes of Hammered Satin, Creem Circus and Streak heralded the return of this campy, sleaze glam styled genre and Nancy Boys have the potential to add to that list, perhaps even outlasting those short lived bands. (...)