Nature always fulfills the void.

If not nature, someone has to do it anyway. Let's go deeper into the subject!

4/7/20221 min read

Lionel "Pretty" Boy
Lionel "Pretty" Boy

As you may or may not know, our beloved bass player Ian "Cuddly" Boy left us some time ago, leaving us orphans and feeling like a 3-legs dog (or cat, or whatever your favourite pet is).

But guess what we just found? Yeah, you name it: a new 4-strings player to groove our way to the top while forcing you to rush to the dance floor to move your feet and shakeyour butt!

He's ugly or cute, depending on your taste and depravity and most importantly, ready to roll! He goes by the name of Lionel"Pretty" Boy and brings some youth to the gang.

Welcome home, Pretty boy!!