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"Live at the Basement" EP
available for the media

Dear Media Partners,
NANCY BOYS' EP "Live at the Basement"
is available for review/airplay!

If you are interested in interviewing the band, please get in touch!

"Live at the Basement" will be released on December 30, 2022, in digital format on all music platforms.

EP download links:
Nancy Boys "Live at the Basement" (wav)
Nancy Boys "Live at the Basement" (MP3)
You can also stream the album at this location

"We wanted to showcase what the band was all about, and a filmed live studio session seemed a good way to introduce ourselves. The departure of our former bass player somehow put the band to a halt, but the arrival of our new guy gave us the kick in the butt we needed. Everything went pretty fast: from the idea to the session, there were only a couple of weeks. We really are eager to play on stage as much as possible now."

  1. Nancies are coming to town

  2. Swap Club Stud

  3. Gimme Love

  4. Bondage Love

They are 70s babies!
But who, or what, are these
Nancy Boys?!

Some say they must be the offspring of The Frenchies, the infamous Paris Glam purveyors of the Heyday, but no one knows if this assumption is even remotely correct. What's common knowledge, however, is that the gang emerged in the ever-glamourous and seedy streets of Paris, FRANCE.
If the first signs of existence were noticed in 2019, an unexpected global response to such revelation would have led to a worldwide lockdown and requests to not physically interact with each other. Indeed, it was an accurate measure to put down such a hedonistic beast of a bunch of depraved individuals, always looking for souls and, most importantly, bodies to corrupt and erupt in liberating pleasures. Still, the boys managed not to be drowned in their own semen during those long hours in the solitude of their bedrooms. And as they say, "What's not killing you, make you stronger!" the Nancy Boys managed to put on tape some of their love and lust stories with all the sonic bravado and juvenile residues they had left.
Along with originals such as soon-to-be classics
Swap Club Stud, Gimme Love, She-Devil and Bondage Love, the lads are performing lost classics from artists like Streak, Billion Dollar Babies, Rosie, The Hollywood Brats, Brett Smiley... Well, you get the picture!
Sadly the original bass player had to withdraw himself to a more sane environment and subsequently put the band on hold for a bit. The recordings mentioned above remain mostly unreleased so far.

But, a young brat popped his ugly head and jumped into the ship, putting a good ol' kick in the butts of the lads leading them to lock themselves up in the studio to videotape and record four tracks collected as an EP under the title "Live at the Basement".

So now it's time to let these sick little gems spread around the world like good ol' gonorrhoea or unwanted children (you should have worn condoms, they sure do so!).

So join the party, be a Nancy, be yourself whether you're a boy, a girl, in-between, none or both, a crossdresser, a butch or a princess.

Be shocking, be glamorous!

Gang line up

Matt "NAUGHTY" Boy: Vocals, tambourin
Fred "POSTER" Boy: Guitar, backing vocals
Lionel "PRETTY" Boy: Bass, backing vocals
Nick "GOLDEN" Boy: Drums, backing vocals

Nancy Boys want YOU!
Nancy Boys want YOU!

Track 1 - Lyrics and music by Rosie
Track 2 & 3 - Lyrics and music by Matt "Naughty" Boy
Track 4 - Lyrics by Matt "Naughty" Boy, music by Nancy Boys
all arrangements by Nancy Boys

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lionel "PRETTY" Boy

Nancy Boys "Live at the Basement" EP
Nancy Boys "Live at the Basement" EP
The EP has already received praise:

Woh! Nancy Boys ’ve brought the glamour and feather boas and a trolly full of retro Rock n Roll n booze. (...) this is superb.
They do a fine line in Dolls meets 70s Rockers with Riffs n, cowbells n wooh hoos, its got plenty of swing and they can write banging tunes (...)
We need more bands like Nancy Boys; they just get it and ooze grooves.

(...) cool 70s influenced cowbell rock’n’roll (...) “Gimme Love” has a bit of an early AC/DC meets BAD LOSERS vibe and “Bondage Lovebrings us back to this moment in rock history when there was a fine line between hard rock and punk rock.
Call it glam rock’n’roll, hard rock’n’roll or punk rock’n’roll, it’s only rock’n’roll and we like it !

Bondage Love” has guitarist Fred “Poster” Boy in full on Johnny Thunders mode, whilst the rhythm section of Lionel “Pretty” Boy on bass and Nick “Golden” Boy on drums acquit themselves in the same ramshackle fashion. It is fun, (...). The lyrics are of course firmly tongue-in-cheek and Matt “Naughty” Boy is well suited to frontman duties,(...)
A few years ago, the likes of Hammered Satin, Creem Circus heralded the return of this campy, sleaze glam styled genre and Nancy Boys have the potential to add to that list (...)